sobota, 16 kwietnia 2011

Homo Homini Lupus - Without Us They Don't Exist

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS ( that's mean - "man is a wolf to [his fellow] man.") is a band from Pula in Croatia. They play very raw and aggressive grindcore with some crust and hardcore influences. It sound brutal, disease and predators. Total fucking sickness :). If you like band's like: PHOBIA or MAGRUDERGRIND is a music for your head !!!

   PS: Thanks Luze for sending me your music :) Cheers !!!

Homo homini Lupus sides:
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wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2011

Instinct OF Survival - Scream Of the Suffering

New EP of stenchcore bastards from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL !!!. Dics contains four songs in the same style like other releases of this band. Dirty, ill nihilist sound straight from Germany!!! Death metal, crust, grindcore madness into your sick brain!!! Enjoy !!!

Instinct Of Survival sides: