środa, 19 października 2011

Acephalix - Interminable Night

ACEPHALIX is a stenchcore band from San Francisco - USA. They started play in 2007 and released few demos and one full album called - Aporia. Songs from their new publishing INTERMINABLE NIGHT is based on previous recordings - it is a compilation. Music on this record is a total massacre !!! Dirty, ill, nihilist sound from the depths of hell. Something between old school death metal with crust influences - like STORMCROW or INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL on drugs :). Raw, brutal and sick as fuck madness for people with strong nerves. Enjoy this or die :)) !!! Absolute recomendation !!!

Acephalix sides:


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  1. brother, i highly suggest listening to vastum-carnal law, if you haven't yet...they share members with acephalix.

  2. I will defenitely check this band. Thanks :)