poniedziałek, 5 grudnia 2011

American HardCore - Film Dokumentalny

Film dokumentalny w reżyserii Paula Rackmana, zainspirowany książką "American Hardcore: A tribal history", której autorem jest Steven Blush. Zarówno film jak i książka opowiadają historię amerykańskiego punk rocka w latach 1979-1986. W dokumencie zobaczymy wywiady i unikatowe sceny z koncertów ówczesnych artystów takich jak: Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, oraz The Dead Kennedys. Film z polskim lektorem. Zapraszam do ogladania !!!

 This film is only for polish watchers - my apologies :)  

piątek, 2 grudnia 2011

Marc Broude - Psychological Warfare & Medicine

Marc Broude is an independent artist from US, who plays experimental type of music - he mix up few different styles to create his own vision of sound. Marc was played in various bands with genres like: black metal, grindcore, punk and noise. In 2006 he released single called - Psychological Warfare. This two songs sounds very intense and sick as well. Take electro - industrial things, mix it up with agressive metal guitars and mad vocal - thats Psychological Warfare. Heavy, dark and densely arranged music with explosive energy.
Another piece of Marc music called - Medicine. It is LP with different style of his sound vision. Musically we are dealing with more quiet but still dark and humid style then previous release. Marc create psychedelic and gloomy sound between dark ambient, industrial, drone, acoustic and avant-garde jazz. Medicine based on free improvisation and is totally unique music of this great artist. Release date - 2009. Absolute recommendation !!

Thanks Marc for sending me your music files. Greetings !!!

Marc Broude sides:

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