czwartek, 29 listopada 2012

Morality Crisis - North Ep

Morality Crisis is a three piece crew from Minneapolis/St.Paul, USA. They released two Ep at this moment, first was called: Love and Passion - 2005 and fresh new one: North was published this year on early winter. They play totally intensive mix of: math-core, crust and even some death-metal insanity. This short Ep characterized by complicated arrangement, great production and uncompromising madness in creating. Brutality of metal genres, slaying energy of hard-core and totally dirt of sludge swamp. Great, heavy and twisted parts of all instrumental job and awesome vocals from screams, growls to clean and melodic stuff. Noisy, sick and brutal sound for fans of Converge, Trap Them and any punk or metal genre fans. Check this band they are fucking fantastic !!!

Ps: Thanks to Pete Noteboom from Minnesconsin Records for this great Ep.

By Lunatikk666

Morality Crisis sides:

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wtorek, 27 listopada 2012

Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld

Bubonic Bear is a two-piece sludge/punk/noise band straight from Philadelphia, USA. Fleshworld is their first full-length release, which has been recorded on 2011. This two guys create fucking intensive wall of sound based on hardcore/punk intensity and gloomy, dirty and massive sludge. Uncompromising, underground and extreme kick into your brain. Energy of this music put you on your knees completely. There is no time for catch a deep breathe between songs :) Brutal screams, terrible and sick as fuck guitar work with thick, twisted drum parts determine this music. If you like band such as: Black Cobra or Dark Castle and even Kylesa, yuo will be not disappointed. Check it out, they are really good crew !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Dustin for send me your stuff !!!

By Lunatikk666

Bubonic Bear sides:

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piątek, 2 listopada 2012

Coffinfish - Ep 2012

Cofffinfish to nowa załoga z Krakowa, która rozpoczęła swoją działalność na początku roku 2011. W tym roku ukazała się ich pierwsza Ep`ka, ukazująca nam paletę dzwiękową z okolic post-metalu. Przede wszystkim należy oddać szacunek zespołowi za tak profesjonalną produkcje, szerokie horyzonty muzyczne, oraz zauważalną radość i pasję zawartą w tych trzech utworach.
Muzyka idealnie wpasowuje się w aktualne czasy ( nie jest to zarzut ), bazując na takich gatunkach jak właśnie post-metal oraz post-rock. Zauważalne są też wpływy muzyki lat dziewięćdziesiątych, a mianowicie: grunge`u ( szczególnie w wokalach ).  Zresztą wokale są bardzo ciekawe: od melodyjnych akcentów po piekielnie ekspresyjnie krzyki. Dużo tu dobrych, zróżnicowanych riffów, mnóstwo interesujących zmian tempa i klimatów, które nie pozwalają się nudzić. Muzycy fajnie żonglują stylami, takimi jak trash, hard core czy wspomniane post naleciałości, spinając to we własną mozaikę dzwięków.Ogólnie rzecz biorąc jest to całkiem ciekawy debiut mimo, że aktualnie jest dość dużo tego typu grania na rynku. Zespół z potencjałem na przyszłość. Warto poświęcić trochę czasu na te dzwięki. Polecam !!!

Ps: dziękuje zespołowi za podesłanie mi swojej muzyki.

By Lunatikk666

Coffinfish sides:

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poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2012

Judd Madden - Doomgroove

Judd Madden is a solo musician based in Melbourne, Australia which plays instrumental doom/stoner music. He released four albums to this day. Doomgroove is the latest record of this artist from year 2012. If you now his previous records, you will not be disappointed and surprised as well. We are still dealing with instrumental rock music based on doom, stoner, drone and psychedelic influences. Judd very smoothly flows from genre to genre to create his unique vision of sound. Doomgroove just like the other releases is based on improvisation,  great technique and imagination. Few great heavy guitar riffs in slow tempos move from faster stoner moments to psychedelic and drone influences. All things are perfectly mixed up in one piece of fantastic music. Judd Madden did all things by himself : parts of instruments ( from guitar to drums ), recorded all and done graphics, so big respect for him guys :) If you like desert sound and sand in your shoes dont forget to take Doomgroove with you !!! 

Ps: Thanks Judd for send me your music :)

By: Lunatikk666

Judd Madden sides:

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środa, 2 maja 2012

Obstacles - Oscillate

Hello !!! I want to show you today another band from Copenhagen, Denmark called Obstacles, after when I received and posted guys from Town Portal. This four piece band play instrumental math-rock, a bit similar to their countryman friends. Oscillate was released in november 2011 after their first long album - Dividual from 2010. Music on this record is really amazing - they mix up few genres in one piece of fantastic music. This guys have incredible technique and imagination to create very deep arranged sound. Massive and groovy music containing styles like: math and post -rock, jazz, psychedelia, hard rock, noise and more. Its really hard to talk about this record - you need go inside that sound few times, to understand how amazing they are. Brilliant stuff for open-minded people and for fans of progressive bands like: King Crimson or Mars Volta. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to guys from Obstacles for this lovely Ep :)

By Lunatikk666

Obstacles sides:

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poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2012

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror

Town Portal is a three piece instrumental rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They released one Ep called - Vacuum Horror in the end of 2011. These three guys playing mix of few genres to create their unique vision of music. On this Ep we are dealing with instrumental improvisation, somewhere between post rock, math rock, noise and some of  post-metal influences.. Beautiful and flowing moments, compare with chaotic and groovy sound of math rock and some heavy and intense guitar impacts  Musicians perfectly mix up few different styles in one piece of positive and catchy sound. Really great music played with sensitivity, passion and very good technique !!! Enjoy this guys !!!
If you like post and math rock genres you will not be disappointed :)

Ps: Many thanks to Morten from Town Portal !!!

By Lunatik666

Town Portal sides:

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środa, 18 kwietnia 2012

Parasol Caravan & Cachimbo de Paz - Use The Fuzz - Split

About two months ago I received great split between two stoner bands from Austria - Parasol Caravan and Cachimbo de Paz. They released - Use the Fuzz in february this year, so is a fresh and tasty sound of stoner rock.  
First band - Parasol Caravan- play very nice and groovy stoner rock with some psychedelic and blues rock influences - vocal remind me of some old school hard rock bands from 70`s. Music is perfectly arranged with few psychedelic things and great melodies.. Sunny, catchy and very positive sound straight from Austria. Second band - Cachimbo de Paz play in similar style like previous one, but they are more harder. Massive guitar sound mixed with psychedelic, bluesy moments ( stoner, stoner :)) and some funky touch with melodic and deep voice of singer. Both bands are very well produced, so any of you will not be disappointed about sound ( some of underground records had really bad production ). Smoke it up and listen this two interesting bands !!! They have potential for future !!!

PS: Many thanks to Berti from Parasol Caravan for this great split :)

By Lunatikk666

Parasol Caravan sides: 

Cachimbo de Paz sides:

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sobota, 31 marca 2012

Beheading Machine - The Psalm Of Tripping God EP

Man, when I saw BM on stage I was fucking proud. Proud of them to achieve effect that very small numbers of bands do. I got a tiny weeny bit high in a car at like a 20 negative outside and when I entered the club, vocalist was in the middle of ppl moshing, hollering, grabbing and pushing them - fuck, this is the commitment I like to see on stage. BM don`t take prisoners, they all are full heartily devoted to the performance. Whole set I stood there with my jaw on the ground, totally destroyed. If you only have an occasion to see them on stage - don`t miss it. But enough with this overlong introduction, let`s get to the music. First of all, BM plays genre of music that I`m no expert in. They create technical, dehumanized, modern death metal with a touch of hardcore energy,especially when it comes to live performance. There are four songs on this EP. Three of them are death metal with two vocalists,first of them deathy, but more expressive than most of those dm boring blocks, second sounding more grindy. Combo works very well and vocals pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyways, ppl don`t listen to this kind of music to contemplate vocals, instrumentalist show what they`ve got. Solos, crazy tempo`s shifts, dm`y breakdowns in all element of songs you have admire their skills. Last song is a track from substep infrabass ( dark metallic dubstep ) recorded in cooperation with BM vocalist - the song is fressssh. Btw, please don`t think this is something like fucking Korn/Skrillex, fuck ! I strongly advise all you technical freaks to get to know this band.


Beheading Machine sides:

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poniedziałek, 26 marca 2012

Fire In The Cave - Fire In The Cave EP

Fire In The Cave is five piece young band straight from Orlando, Florida. In this year they released debut EP called same like band name. Guys from FITC plays humid and heavy mix of doom/sludge and black metal. Really massive and slow sound interweaved with BM blasts and climate parts reminiscent of psychedelia and post-rock. Vocal on this record is fucking brutal, rough and emotional. Music with many design balancing between hard and light parts, hypnotize and draws into the depth of sound. They are inspired from Black Sabbath ( few classic solo parts ) to modern black metal bands like: Cobalt. Great and interesting music. Enjoy !!!

By Lunatikk666

FITC sides: 

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poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

The Reptilians - The Mentalist

The Reptilians is a experimental rock/metal band based in southern Idaho, USA. They start in 2003 and released two LP albums: `Welcome To Dugway!` and `XAPPLEXCOREX`. The Mentalist is their last production contains one new song and one short live act. This new song is very long and is based on few music styles like: psychedelic,drone,post rock and some metal influences. 27 minutes of experimental trip into the space :) Song slowly start from psychedelic form and takes us to very interesting music content when emotions and deep experience is a base to know of  this fantastic sound. Great album production, great instrumental play and vocal - sounds very original and progressive.They are influenced by bands like: Tool, Acid Bath, King Crimson and many, many more. Amazing music from amazing band. It is a shame that few people don`t now this great stuff.  Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to band guitarist Viktor Wilt for this great piece of music !!!

By Lunatikk666

The Reptilians sides:

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poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012

Vestiges & Ghaust - Split

I received few months ago split between two bands - Vestiges and Ghaust to make some review for this guys.
Ghaust is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, they started to play in August of 2005 and released few splits with many bands. In this two songs we are dealing with instrumental post metal, post rock and some HC/punk influences. Members create very spatial and psychedelic atmosphere with few changes of tempo and some great melodies. Music flows nicely and relaxes even heavier moments.

Vestiges is a band from USA, they started to play in January 2010 and released full album called: The descent of man and this split with Ghaust. In this one long song we can find few inspirations like: black metal, crust, post-hardcore, post rock and many more. They take all genres to create very unique music with dark, sad and heavy atmosphere. Lyrics are about relationship between man and nature.

Very interesting split of great and promising bands !!!

 PS: Thanks for Fabian from Maniyax Records.

By Lunatikk666

Some bands sides:

wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am; V. Eternal Depression

This time I decided to post a band that accords a bit better with general spirit of alternation. YAITW is a band from North Carolina that is in the business of making depressed ppl kill themselves. Their music is pitch-black, influenced as much by dark hardcore as by black metal. What you can expect from YAITW is misanthropic touch of black metal interweaved with fragments that, obviously, reminds one of regretted cursed, and shrieking, mad vocals that perfectly add to dark atmosphere of their records. I post 2 releases from them because they’re go together (second starts where first ends) and I always listen to them one after another. First of them is more drk hc I would say, while second shares more characteristics with depressing bm  acts. Both are equally good and worth listening to, so if blackened hc/hardcore’ black is a thing to your liking don't sleep on them.  

Ps: As these are my first steps, I would be obliged if you commented and give positive and negative feedback. As you all see English is not my first lg so if I write awkwardly correct me.
                                                                                               By RVBRV

YAITW sides:

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czwartek, 9 lutego 2012

The Psychic Paramount - II

In my first post I would like to recommend a great piece of music that I’ve discovered recently.  When I got so tired of the post rock formula, got totally bored with landscapes painted by sounds of god is an astronaut and the rest of gems in rusty post rock’s crown, I found these guys and I was swept off my feet. Nevertheless, post is just one component in the mixture. TPP incorporates elements of prog, noise, jazz and psychedelic music.  What really makes TPP outstanding is how they shape their music. This lp consist mostly of sounds that you would expect to be a climax of a song. A moment when guitars go crazy, drums speed and speed up and you feel like your head is going to explode. Majority of music on II is simply better than the best pieces of other bands songs. This lp takes listener on a journey, it hypnotizes, it gets inside ones brain. Got bored of post? Try TPP.

TPP sides:

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wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

Cerber - Mad At The Soul

Okolo pol roku temu recenzowalem pierwsze demo zespolu Cerber - Z Prochu, a chlopaki wypuscili juz nowa EP-ke pod tytulem - Mad At The Soul. Wydawnictwo zawiera 6 jeszcze cieplych nagran. Przede wszystkim duze uklony dla muzykow za bardzo widoczny progres w ich graniu. Muzyka nie ulegla radykalnej zmianie, ale produkcja oraz same kompozycje nabraly wiekszego luzu jak i zyskaly na  mocy. Swietne motoryczne riffy o hard corowych znamionach, przeplataja sie ze sludge`owo stoner`owym klimatem produkujac bardzo masywne, walcowate i jednoczesnie brudne brzmienia. Dobra feeling`owa gra sekcji, duzo przestrzeni w utworach  no i wokal Wisni - mocny, zachrypniety i cholernie ekspresyjny kojarzacy mi sie osobiscie z glosem Lipy z Illusion ale w bardziej wscieklej, nowoorleanskiej wersji :). Cerber kopie po dupie niemilosiernie jednoczesnie zapewniajac sporo dobrej zabawy oraz duza dawke refleksji w przekazie. Pobierac, kupowac, palic i sluchac:). Absolutna rekomendacja !!!

Ps: Dzieki za podeslanie muzy Wisnia !!!

Cerber sides:

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czwartek, 26 stycznia 2012

Insuiciety - The Cure For The Truth

INSUICIETY is a sludge band from Berlin in Germany with polish girl on vocal. They start in 2001 and released two publications - one was the EP - Believe and die, and second was a long album - The cure for the truth - 2009, last at the current moment. Musically we are dealing with down-tuned sludge metal with crust influences. Dirty, crushed guitar riffs and an equally rhythm section generates a powerful and very dark sound with female sandpaper voice. If you like sludge do not wait and enjoy this great band !!!

Insuiciety sides:
Metal Archives
Last FM

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Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot

Sahara Surfers is a four piece stoner rock band from Innsbruck, Austria. They have released two long play albums. Sonar Pilot is their second album. I never heard the first one but that LP is really amazing stuff. Musicians generate groovy and melodic music with a lot of positive energy and good fun. Few great driving parts of guitars with some psychedelic and alternative rock influences. Rythym section is very lightweight and efficient - smoothly interact with  rest of the team. Besides three guys in band the most important person is girl on vocal. She has beautiful, nice and strong voice - it sounds more originally and spatially (  remind me of Melissa Auf der Maur fom Smashing Pumpkins and Hole :)). Sonar Pilot is really well produced - you can catch every detail of music. For all fans of stoner rock and people who likes rock music with female voices. They are living in middle Europe but they sound like some band from warm and sunny desert :). Dont miss this   fantastic music. Absolute recomendation !!!

PS:  Thanks for Michael Steingress from Sound Zero Records for send me this amazing piece of music  !!!

Sahara Surface sides:
Last FM

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poniedziałek, 9 stycznia 2012

Cursed - Blackout At Sunrise

CURSED was a HC/Punk band from Ontario, Canada. They started play in 2001 and broke up in 2008 after their all money was stolen on the last day of tour in Europe :(. CURSED released 3 long play albums and 4 EP and demos. One of this EP is called: Blackout at sunrise. Music on this record is totally raw, loud and uncompromising. They mixed very heavy hardcore-punk sound with some sludge and crust influences. This is one of most brutal acts in punk rock style. Members went on to form:  Burning Love, Mature Situations, Crux of Aux and Quest For Fire. If you like hardcore-punk genre just start to listen it because it was one of most true DIY bands in music history. Release date: 2007. Absolute recommendation !!!

Cursed sides:

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