czwartek, 26 stycznia 2012

Insuiciety - The Cure For The Truth

INSUICIETY is a sludge band from Berlin in Germany with polish girl on vocal. They start in 2001 and released two publications - one was the EP - Believe and die, and second was a long album - The cure for the truth - 2009, last at the current moment. Musically we are dealing with down-tuned sludge metal with crust influences. Dirty, crushed guitar riffs and an equally rhythm section generates a powerful and very dark sound with female sandpaper voice. If you like sludge do not wait and enjoy this great band !!!

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Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot

Sahara Surfers is a four piece stoner rock band from Innsbruck, Austria. They have released two long play albums. Sonar Pilot is their second album. I never heard the first one but that LP is really amazing stuff. Musicians generate groovy and melodic music with a lot of positive energy and good fun. Few great driving parts of guitars with some psychedelic and alternative rock influences. Rythym section is very lightweight and efficient - smoothly interact with  rest of the team. Besides three guys in band the most important person is girl on vocal. She has beautiful, nice and strong voice - it sounds more originally and spatially (  remind me of Melissa Auf der Maur fom Smashing Pumpkins and Hole :)). Sonar Pilot is really well produced - you can catch every detail of music. For all fans of stoner rock and people who likes rock music with female voices. They are living in middle Europe but they sound like some band from warm and sunny desert :). Dont miss this   fantastic music. Absolute recomendation !!!

PS:  Thanks for Michael Steingress from Sound Zero Records for send me this amazing piece of music  !!!

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poniedziałek, 9 stycznia 2012

Cursed - Blackout At Sunrise

CURSED was a HC/Punk band from Ontario, Canada. They started play in 2001 and broke up in 2008 after their all money was stolen on the last day of tour in Europe :(. CURSED released 3 long play albums and 4 EP and demos. One of this EP is called: Blackout at sunrise. Music on this record is totally raw, loud and uncompromising. They mixed very heavy hardcore-punk sound with some sludge and crust influences. This is one of most brutal acts in punk rock style. Members went on to form:  Burning Love, Mature Situations, Crux of Aux and Quest For Fire. If you like hardcore-punk genre just start to listen it because it was one of most true DIY bands in music history. Release date: 2007. Absolute recommendation !!!

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