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Cursed - Blackout At Sunrise

CURSED was a HC/Punk band from Ontario, Canada. They started play in 2001 and broke up in 2008 after their all money was stolen on the last day of tour in Europe :(. CURSED released 3 long play albums and 4 EP and demos. One of this EP is called: Blackout at sunrise. Music on this record is totally raw, loud and uncompromising. They mixed very heavy hardcore-punk sound with some sludge and crust influences. This is one of most brutal acts in punk rock style. Members went on to form:  Burning Love, Mature Situations, Crux of Aux and Quest For Fire. If you like hardcore-punk genre just start to listen it because it was one of most true DIY bands in music history. Release date: 2007. Absolute recommendation !!!

Cursed sides:

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