sobota, 31 marca 2012

Beheading Machine - The Psalm Of Tripping God EP

Man, when I saw BM on stage I was fucking proud. Proud of them to achieve effect that very small numbers of bands do. I got a tiny weeny bit high in a car at like a 20 negative outside and when I entered the club, vocalist was in the middle of ppl moshing, hollering, grabbing and pushing them - fuck, this is the commitment I like to see on stage. BM don`t take prisoners, they all are full heartily devoted to the performance. Whole set I stood there with my jaw on the ground, totally destroyed. If you only have an occasion to see them on stage - don`t miss it. But enough with this overlong introduction, let`s get to the music. First of all, BM plays genre of music that I`m no expert in. They create technical, dehumanized, modern death metal with a touch of hardcore energy,especially when it comes to live performance. There are four songs on this EP. Three of them are death metal with two vocalists,first of them deathy, but more expressive than most of those dm boring blocks, second sounding more grindy. Combo works very well and vocals pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyways, ppl don`t listen to this kind of music to contemplate vocals, instrumentalist show what they`ve got. Solos, crazy tempo`s shifts, dm`y breakdowns in all element of songs you have admire their skills. Last song is a track from substep infrabass ( dark metallic dubstep ) recorded in cooperation with BM vocalist - the song is fressssh. Btw, please don`t think this is something like fucking Korn/Skrillex, fuck ! I strongly advise all you technical freaks to get to know this band.


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poniedziałek, 26 marca 2012

Fire In The Cave - Fire In The Cave EP

Fire In The Cave is five piece young band straight from Orlando, Florida. In this year they released debut EP called same like band name. Guys from FITC plays humid and heavy mix of doom/sludge and black metal. Really massive and slow sound interweaved with BM blasts and climate parts reminiscent of psychedelia and post-rock. Vocal on this record is fucking brutal, rough and emotional. Music with many design balancing between hard and light parts, hypnotize and draws into the depth of sound. They are inspired from Black Sabbath ( few classic solo parts ) to modern black metal bands like: Cobalt. Great and interesting music. Enjoy !!!

By Lunatikk666

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poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

The Reptilians - The Mentalist

The Reptilians is a experimental rock/metal band based in southern Idaho, USA. They start in 2003 and released two LP albums: `Welcome To Dugway!` and `XAPPLEXCOREX`. The Mentalist is their last production contains one new song and one short live act. This new song is very long and is based on few music styles like: psychedelic,drone,post rock and some metal influences. 27 minutes of experimental trip into the space :) Song slowly start from psychedelic form and takes us to very interesting music content when emotions and deep experience is a base to know of  this fantastic sound. Great album production, great instrumental play and vocal - sounds very original and progressive.They are influenced by bands like: Tool, Acid Bath, King Crimson and many, many more. Amazing music from amazing band. It is a shame that few people don`t now this great stuff.  Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to band guitarist Viktor Wilt for this great piece of music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012

Vestiges & Ghaust - Split

I received few months ago split between two bands - Vestiges and Ghaust to make some review for this guys.
Ghaust is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, they started to play in August of 2005 and released few splits with many bands. In this two songs we are dealing with instrumental post metal, post rock and some HC/punk influences. Members create very spatial and psychedelic atmosphere with few changes of tempo and some great melodies. Music flows nicely and relaxes even heavier moments.

Vestiges is a band from USA, they started to play in January 2010 and released full album called: The descent of man and this split with Ghaust. In this one long song we can find few inspirations like: black metal, crust, post-hardcore, post rock and many more. They take all genres to create very unique music with dark, sad and heavy atmosphere. Lyrics are about relationship between man and nature.

Very interesting split of great and promising bands !!!

 PS: Thanks for Fabian from Maniyax Records.

By Lunatikk666

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wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am; V. Eternal Depression

This time I decided to post a band that accords a bit better with general spirit of alternation. YAITW is a band from North Carolina that is in the business of making depressed ppl kill themselves. Their music is pitch-black, influenced as much by dark hardcore as by black metal. What you can expect from YAITW is misanthropic touch of black metal interweaved with fragments that, obviously, reminds one of regretted cursed, and shrieking, mad vocals that perfectly add to dark atmosphere of their records. I post 2 releases from them because they’re go together (second starts where first ends) and I always listen to them one after another. First of them is more drk hc I would say, while second shares more characteristics with depressing bm  acts. Both are equally good and worth listening to, so if blackened hc/hardcore’ black is a thing to your liking don't sleep on them.  

Ps: As these are my first steps, I would be obliged if you commented and give positive and negative feedback. As you all see English is not my first lg so if I write awkwardly correct me.
                                                                                               By RVBRV

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