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The Reptilians - The Mentalist

The Reptilians is a experimental rock/metal band based in southern Idaho, USA. They start in 2003 and released two LP albums: `Welcome To Dugway!` and `XAPPLEXCOREX`. The Mentalist is their last production contains one new song and one short live act. This new song is very long and is based on few music styles like: psychedelic,drone,post rock and some metal influences. 27 minutes of experimental trip into the space :) Song slowly start from psychedelic form and takes us to very interesting music content when emotions and deep experience is a base to know of  this fantastic sound. Great album production, great instrumental play and vocal - sounds very original and progressive.They are influenced by bands like: Tool, Acid Bath, King Crimson and many, many more. Amazing music from amazing band. It is a shame that few people don`t now this great stuff.  Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to band guitarist Viktor Wilt for this great piece of music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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