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Vestiges & Ghaust - Split

I received few months ago split between two bands - Vestiges and Ghaust to make some review for this guys.
Ghaust is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia, they started to play in August of 2005 and released few splits with many bands. In this two songs we are dealing with instrumental post metal, post rock and some HC/punk influences. Members create very spatial and psychedelic atmosphere with few changes of tempo and some great melodies. Music flows nicely and relaxes even heavier moments.

Vestiges is a band from USA, they started to play in January 2010 and released full album called: The descent of man and this split with Ghaust. In this one long song we can find few inspirations like: black metal, crust, post-hardcore, post rock and many more. They take all genres to create very unique music with dark, sad and heavy atmosphere. Lyrics are about relationship between man and nature.

Very interesting split of great and promising bands !!!

 PS: Thanks for Fabian from Maniyax Records.

By Lunatikk666

Some bands sides:

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