wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Young And In The Way - I Am Not What I Am; V. Eternal Depression

This time I decided to post a band that accords a bit better with general spirit of alternation. YAITW is a band from North Carolina that is in the business of making depressed ppl kill themselves. Their music is pitch-black, influenced as much by dark hardcore as by black metal. What you can expect from YAITW is misanthropic touch of black metal interweaved with fragments that, obviously, reminds one of regretted cursed, and shrieking, mad vocals that perfectly add to dark atmosphere of their records. I post 2 releases from them because they’re go together (second starts where first ends) and I always listen to them one after another. First of them is more drk hc I would say, while second shares more characteristics with depressing bm  acts. Both are equally good and worth listening to, so if blackened hc/hardcore’ black is a thing to your liking don't sleep on them.  

Ps: As these are my first steps, I would be obliged if you commented and give positive and negative feedback. As you all see English is not my first lg so if I write awkwardly correct me.
                                                                                               By RVBRV

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