poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2012

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror

Town Portal is a three piece instrumental rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They released one Ep called - Vacuum Horror in the end of 2011. These three guys playing mix of few genres to create their unique vision of music. On this Ep we are dealing with instrumental improvisation, somewhere between post rock, math rock, noise and some of  post-metal influences.. Beautiful and flowing moments, compare with chaotic and groovy sound of math rock and some heavy and intense guitar impacts  Musicians perfectly mix up few different styles in one piece of positive and catchy sound. Really great music played with sensitivity, passion and very good technique !!! Enjoy this guys !!!
If you like post and math rock genres you will not be disappointed :)

Ps: Many thanks to Morten from Town Portal !!!

By Lunatik666

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środa, 18 kwietnia 2012

Parasol Caravan & Cachimbo de Paz - Use The Fuzz - Split

About two months ago I received great split between two stoner bands from Austria - Parasol Caravan and Cachimbo de Paz. They released - Use the Fuzz in february this year, so is a fresh and tasty sound of stoner rock.  
First band - Parasol Caravan- play very nice and groovy stoner rock with some psychedelic and blues rock influences - vocal remind me of some old school hard rock bands from 70`s. Music is perfectly arranged with few psychedelic things and great melodies.. Sunny, catchy and very positive sound straight from Austria. Second band - Cachimbo de Paz play in similar style like previous one, but they are more harder. Massive guitar sound mixed with psychedelic, bluesy moments ( stoner, stoner :)) and some funky touch with melodic and deep voice of singer. Both bands are very well produced, so any of you will not be disappointed about sound ( some of underground records had really bad production ). Smoke it up and listen this two interesting bands !!! They have potential for future !!!

PS: Many thanks to Berti from Parasol Caravan for this great split :)

By Lunatikk666

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