środa, 2 maja 2012

Obstacles - Oscillate

Hello !!! I want to show you today another band from Copenhagen, Denmark called Obstacles, after when I received and posted guys from Town Portal. This four piece band play instrumental math-rock, a bit similar to their countryman friends. Oscillate was released in november 2011 after their first long album - Dividual from 2010. Music on this record is really amazing - they mix up few genres in one piece of fantastic music. This guys have incredible technique and imagination to create very deep arranged sound. Massive and groovy music containing styles like: math and post -rock, jazz, psychedelia, hard rock, noise and more. Its really hard to talk about this record - you need go inside that sound few times, to understand how amazing they are. Brilliant stuff for open-minded people and for fans of progressive bands like: King Crimson or Mars Volta. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to guys from Obstacles for this lovely Ep :)

By Lunatikk666

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