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Judd Madden - Doomgroove

Judd Madden is a solo musician based in Melbourne, Australia which plays instrumental doom/stoner music. He released four albums to this day. Doomgroove is the latest record of this artist from year 2012. If you now his previous records, you will not be disappointed and surprised as well. We are still dealing with instrumental rock music based on doom, stoner, drone and psychedelic influences. Judd very smoothly flows from genre to genre to create his unique vision of sound. Doomgroove just like the other releases is based on improvisation,  great technique and imagination. Few great heavy guitar riffs in slow tempos move from faster stoner moments to psychedelic and drone influences. All things are perfectly mixed up in one piece of fantastic music. Judd Madden did all things by himself : parts of instruments ( from guitar to drums ), recorded all and done graphics, so big respect for him guys :) If you like desert sound and sand in your shoes dont forget to take Doomgroove with you !!! 

Ps: Thanks Judd for send me your music :)

By: Lunatikk666

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