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Bubonic Bear - Fleshworld

Bubonic Bear is a two-piece sludge/punk/noise band straight from Philadelphia, USA. Fleshworld is their first full-length release, which has been recorded on 2011. This two guys create fucking intensive wall of sound based on hardcore/punk intensity and gloomy, dirty and massive sludge. Uncompromising, underground and extreme kick into your brain. Energy of this music put you on your knees completely. There is no time for catch a deep breathe between songs :) Brutal screams, terrible and sick as fuck guitar work with thick, twisted drum parts determine this music. If you like band such as: Black Cobra or Dark Castle and even Kylesa, yuo will be not disappointed. Check it out, they are really good crew !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Dustin for send me your stuff !!!

By Lunatikk666

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