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Morality Crisis - North Ep

Morality Crisis is a three piece crew from Minneapolis/St.Paul, USA. They released two Ep at this moment, first was called: Love and Passion - 2005 and fresh new one: North was published this year on early winter. They play totally intensive mix of: math-core, crust and even some death-metal insanity. This short Ep characterized by complicated arrangement, great production and uncompromising madness in creating. Brutality of metal genres, slaying energy of hard-core and totally dirt of sludge swamp. Great, heavy and twisted parts of all instrumental job and awesome vocals from screams, growls to clean and melodic stuff. Noisy, sick and brutal sound for fans of Converge, Trap Them and any punk or metal genre fans. Check this band they are fucking fantastic !!!

Ps: Thanks to Pete Noteboom from Minnesconsin Records for this great Ep.

By Lunatikk666

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