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TORSO - Inside

Torso is a four piece band based in Vienna, Austria. They play stoner rock strongly inspired by 70`s psychedelic rock. Torso is they first long play album released in 2012.  Guys from  Torso creates very catchy, sunny, groovy and energetic style which contains elements of old school rock bands inspired by psychedelic jams, classic rock and today stoner teams. Trippy and melodic vibrations, taking us to warm regions of our minds. Lots of great twisted riffs, muddy pulse of rhythm section and swimming, sluggish vocals depends their own sound vision. Especially singer job are the most original in this quartet from.  He sound very psychedelic, spatially and sensitive as well. Awesome sound for people who like stoner stuff. Music with big potential for future. My recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks for Thomas for this tunes.

By Lunatikk666

Torso sides:

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