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ECHANCRURE - Discours sur le colonialisme

Echancrure is an individual artist from France. He released to this time one long play album called - "Paysage. Octobre" and Ep - "Discours sur le colonialisme in year 2012. Musician incorporate to their style a lot of interesting influences to create his own unique vision. This Ep is a 20 minutes long trip into the human psyche. Totally dark, psychedelic and distorted music which contains genres like industrial, dark ambient, drone, experimental and avant-garde electronic. His style don`t have any barriers, leading us into the deepest abyss of our crooked nature. Fans of bands like: Swans, Menace Ruine and all specific and original type of sound find something for themselves. My recommendation !!

Ps: Thanks to Antoine for this interesting sort of music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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