piątek, 15 lutego 2013


Void Forger is a three piece band from Bucharest, Romania. They start this project in 2011 and to this date they released one demo in the middle of 2012 with three songs called - Ruined. Musicians incorporate to their sound a lots of different inspirations, from heavy and distorted sludge and doom metal, between raw and dirty crust, to dark touch of black metal sickness. Music is heavy as fuck with down tuned guitar riffs, muddy rhythm section and insanity vocals: brutal growls and psychotic screams. All songs sound ominous, gloomy and dark as the trail of human existence. Nihilist songs of no hope and despair for today doubtful times. Recommended for fans of bands like: Dystopia, Instinct Of Survival and Graves At Sea.

Ps: Thanks to Volodea Biri for send me your files !

By Lunatikk666

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