czwartek, 7 marca 2013

LEECHFEAST - Hideous Illusions

Leechfeast is an independent, underground band from Slovenia. They play mixture of obscure sludge and doom metal sort of music. Members from this team played in bands like: Acrid Sunday, Melete and still making noise in crew called - Growing Rats. Hideous Illusions is first album of this guys, released in the middle of 2012. Four long noisy and distorted songs contain lot of dirty, nihilist energy creates sick and insane world of sound, which take us to the dark places of our souls. Desperation, madness and no hope for live- these words best describes climate of this album. Slow sound of guitar, bass and rhythm section with spewing vocal determine whole vision of this record, so if you like stuff like: Eyehategod, Graves At Sea and any related sludge, doom kind of music you will not be disappointed.

Ps: Many thanks to Jure for sending me your music !

By Lunatikk666

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