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Haut Et Court is a four piece band located in Strasbourg, France. They start to destroy peoples ears in 2012 with their violent and brutal vision of killing. La Vie is first Ep of this guys. This six short songs is characterized by aggressive and cruelly twisted but very selective sound with good production. Anger, fury and fucking destruction, this words best define their approach to music. Dark type of crust punk is mixed with hard core, grind and some math core genres as well. Ultra fast, metallic guitar riffs with crushing rhythm section and brutal vocals loads a lots of  energy to our heads. Music on this record kill myself totally by their insanity and chaotic madness. If you like bands such as: Trap Them, Nesseria and even Converge you must now this crew necessarily. Give a chance these guys and support them, because this is first release with lots of great noise and energy. My recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to Arnaud for send me this files with really great sort of music.

By Lunatikk666

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