czwartek, 27 czerwca 2013


Fifteen Dead is a five piece blackened/crust band from Scotland, they formed in the end of year 2010 and to this date they released a few demos, splits and one full length album called - "Genesis". Year 2013 bring for us new split of this crew with two great songs. Musically we are dealing with extreme form of crust punk and black metal. Totally raw, angry, brutal and uncompromising style with lot of fast tempos, blasphemous vocals and distorted, harsh production of record.   Besides the rapid crust punk influences, there is a few dark and sinister atmospheric parts of black metal design. Fifteen Dead deliver anti-religion and political message content. If you like crust in the line of: Skitsystem, Fukpig or Tragedy and black metal carnage of bands like: Darkthrone and Immortal in one fucking amazing piece of extreme music, you need to check this band necessarily. Absolute Recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Jamie Christ for send me this music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013

BLESSINGS - Bittervatten

Blessing is a new three piece extreme band straight from Gothenburg, Sweden. They start play in 2011 released their first new album called - "Bittervatten" one year ago in june of 2012. Music what they play is a incredible mixture of hard core, crust, sludge and noise elements as well. Damned interesting sort of sounds with lot of creative ideas, guys from band blend their inspiration to something really original and very unique type of extreme and even melodic and catchy music form. Brutal hard core and crust punk parts corresponding with lot of  chaotic noise rock elements and dark, cold, psychotic atmosphere of whole sound . Harsh, dirt and grating production of album, change of tempos, lot of curious arrangement, emotional, screaming vocals, electronic and even some piano parts put this record to high standards of creativity and execution. We can find a lot of influences here like: nervousness of Unsane and Jesus Lizard, twisted, brutal moments of Converge, trance structures like Swans, especially in song - "Seven Blessings" and simply, raw pieces of crust and hard core beats. "Bittervatten" is fucking huge opening of this band for future. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to band for send me this incredible music !!!

By Lunatikk666

Blessings sides:

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poniedziałek, 17 czerwca 2013

ARSONIST - Arsonist

Arsonist is a new three piece crew straight from Mexico City founded in August of 2012. They play in the line of old school crust metal. Music which band create is raw, uncompromising, dirty and fury as fuck. Fast and direct songs characterized by moshing, filthy guitar parts with some solos, simply and aggressive rhythm section with sharp and harsh vocals. Arsonist take influences from old school type of crust punk, d-beat and trash/death metal in the name of bands like: Amebix or Axegrinder and even Carcass. Great piece of energetic noise for all punk and metal fans who likes sound of the late eighties and early nineties !!!

Ps: Thank to Fabrizio for send me your band demo !!!

By Lunatikk666 

Arsonist sides:

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Mortuorial Eclipse is a band from Cordoba, Argentina formed in year 2007. This four piece crew play music in the way of symphonic black/death metal with incredible power and passion. "The Aethyrs Call" is their first full-length album and is a really good start in metal music scene by this great musicians. Brutal, angry and twisted guitar parts are mixed up with ultra fast and devilish rhythm section, which in combination with growling vocals and lots of ancient and symphonic parts, form a good testimony of originality, imagination of musicians and perfect technique as well. This record is totally professional in creation and production, climate and energy of this guys knocks me on the ground completely, I did not expect the dose of madness and professionalism at the same time, i was totally impressed from first to the last sound of this album. Mortuorial Eclipse remind me band Behemoth in their middle period of career, some of Nile albums ( this ancient atmosphere ) and symphonic black metal hordes like: Emperor or Limbonic Art. I always try to be objective in my opinion on blogspot, but sometimes i cannot be, this time guys from Argentina devour my soul completely. They are fucking fantastic, from music to cracking art work. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to band for send me this album !!!

By Lunatikk666

Mortuorial Celipse sides:

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poniedziałek, 10 czerwca 2013

ASILO - Geografias / Wardance

Asilo is a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina formed in 2009, who plays an interesting blend of sludge/doom metal and crust with harsh industrial influences. This five pieced formation play music using two bass guitars without any electric guitar, sounding mightily deep and more heavy as well. They create a lot of industrial atmosphere in their songs, by specific use of keys. Music is slow, overwhelming, jarring and repulsive. This record contains two songs, first one is they own composition and second one is a cover of Killing Joke song - "Wardance". Quite interesting band who diversifies playing slow sludge, with industrial cold threads and uncompromising type of noise style. If you like a bit more than only a slow doom/sludge type of music, you need to check this band and hear how they play that kind of  style in their own vision. Promising new crew from South America !!!

Ps: Thanks to Sebaxxxtian for this interesting tunes !!!

By Lunatikk666

Asilo sides:

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