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ASILO - Geografias / Wardance

Asilo is a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina formed in 2009, who plays an interesting blend of sludge/doom metal and crust with harsh industrial influences. This five pieced formation play music using two bass guitars without any electric guitar, sounding mightily deep and more heavy as well. They create a lot of industrial atmosphere in their songs, by specific use of keys. Music is slow, overwhelming, jarring and repulsive. This record contains two songs, first one is they own composition and second one is a cover of Killing Joke song - "Wardance". Quite interesting band who diversifies playing slow sludge, with industrial cold threads and uncompromising type of noise style. If you like a bit more than only a slow doom/sludge type of music, you need to check this band and hear how they play that kind of  style in their own vision. Promising new crew from South America !!!

Ps: Thanks to Sebaxxxtian for this interesting tunes !!!

By Lunatikk666

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