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BLESSINGS - Bittervatten

Blessing is a new three piece extreme band straight from Gothenburg, Sweden. They start play in 2011 released their first new album called - "Bittervatten" one year ago in june of 2012. Music what they play is a incredible mixture of hard core, crust, sludge and noise elements as well. Damned interesting sort of sounds with lot of creative ideas, guys from band blend their inspiration to something really original and very unique type of extreme and even melodic and catchy music form. Brutal hard core and crust punk parts corresponding with lot of  chaotic noise rock elements and dark, cold, psychotic atmosphere of whole sound . Harsh, dirt and grating production of album, change of tempos, lot of curious arrangement, emotional, screaming vocals, electronic and even some piano parts put this record to high standards of creativity and execution. We can find a lot of influences here like: nervousness of Unsane and Jesus Lizard, twisted, brutal moments of Converge, trance structures like Swans, especially in song - "Seven Blessings" and simply, raw pieces of crust and hard core beats. "Bittervatten" is fucking huge opening of this band for future. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to band for send me this incredible music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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  1. hi Slawek!

    yes Blessings is an excellent new band! I m really waiting for their future releses.

    if yoy're interested here's an interview I did with them :