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Fifteen Dead is a five piece blackened/crust band from Scotland, they formed in the end of year 2010 and to this date they released a few demos, splits and one full length album called - "Genesis". Year 2013 bring for us new split of this crew with two great songs. Musically we are dealing with extreme form of crust punk and black metal. Totally raw, angry, brutal and uncompromising style with lot of fast tempos, blasphemous vocals and distorted, harsh production of record.   Besides the rapid crust punk influences, there is a few dark and sinister atmospheric parts of black metal design. Fifteen Dead deliver anti-religion and political message content. If you like crust in the line of: Skitsystem, Fukpig or Tragedy and black metal carnage of bands like: Darkthrone and Immortal in one fucking amazing piece of extreme music, you need to check this band necessarily. Absolute Recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Jamie Christ for send me this music !!!

By Lunatikk666

Fifteen Dead sides:

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