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Mortuorial Eclipse is a band from Cordoba, Argentina formed in year 2007. This four piece crew play music in the way of symphonic black/death metal with incredible power and passion. "The Aethyrs Call" is their first full-length album and is a really good start in metal music scene by this great musicians. Brutal, angry and twisted guitar parts are mixed up with ultra fast and devilish rhythm section, which in combination with growling vocals and lots of ancient and symphonic parts, form a good testimony of originality, imagination of musicians and perfect technique as well. This record is totally professional in creation and production, climate and energy of this guys knocks me on the ground completely, I did not expect the dose of madness and professionalism at the same time, i was totally impressed from first to the last sound of this album. Mortuorial Eclipse remind me band Behemoth in their middle period of career, some of Nile albums ( this ancient atmosphere ) and symphonic black metal hordes like: Emperor or Limbonic Art. I always try to be objective in my opinion on blogspot, but sometimes i cannot be, this time guys from Argentina devour my soul completely. They are fucking fantastic, from music to cracking art work. Absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to band for send me this album !!!

By Lunatikk666

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