piątek, 26 lipca 2013

SLOTH HERDER - Abandon Pop Sensibility

Sloth Herder is a four piece band from Maryland, Pennsylvania, USA formed in 2009. They released to this date two Ep. First one called - "Sluggard" had premiere in early 2012 and after few months, in the end of that year band released the new one - "Abandon Pop Sensibility". Music on this record contains elements of grind core, noise and black metal melted in one form of chaotic and uncompromising madness.  Fast, aggressive and totally bludgeoning moments are mixed with lots of atmospheric, blackened parts and very sick, puking vocals. Production of this Ep is very harsh, distorted, dirty as fuck and psychotic at the same time. Damn evil and disgusting fifteen minutes of insane and unpredictable music. Their sound is a something between old school grind core acts with illness of band - Dystopia and early Darkthrone. Really interesting sort of underground art with full of negativity and nihilist content !!!

Ps: Thanks to band for send me this graet Ep !!!

By Lunatikk666 

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