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DEUIL - Acceptance / Rebuild

Deuil is a band from Liege in Belgium started make music in 2012. They play interesting blend of blackened and droning sludge doom and released to this date one album called "Acceptance/Rebuild". I was totally surprised by this record, this guys create really particular type of sound mixing those styles in a very creative way. Music is very dark, monumental, damned emotional and hypnotic, taking listener into the unreal world of gloomy and psychedelic abyss. Down-tuned sludgy riffs going to very bleak drone and ambient moments and then attack by brutal black metal blasts with demoniacal sick vocals. Everything sound extremely powerful, intense and depressive. Deuil is like a very deep, mighty and mystical dream. Creativity, imagination, atmosphere and unique nature of sound.  Its really hard to find some similar artist but I think fans of bands like: Altar Of Plagues, Thou or Samothrace will be satisfied. Awesome band and my absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Nico from Deuil for send me your band music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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