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SHOGGOTH - A Liversplit Dose of Noise

Shoggoth is a four piece groove metal band from town Sassari based in the island Sardinia belonging to Italy. They started play in 2003 and to this date they released two Eps and one full length album called "The Age Of Terror" in 2012. "A Liversplit Dose Of Noise" is their new, second Ep published in March of this year. Shoggoth play heavy, and catchy blend of hard core and thrash metal with a lots of  groovy down-tuned roller riffs, deep straightforward funky rhythm section and powerful, angry screamed vocals. Direct and full of raw vibrations and energy music rooted in the sound of hard core/metal bands of the middle of the nineties. If you like groove metal genre and a crews like: Pantera,  early Machine Head or Skinlab and related groups, you need to check sound of Shoggoth !!!

Ps: Many thanks and greetings to Shoggoth band !!!

By Lunatikk666

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