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PALMER GENERATOR - (E)motionless

Palmer Generator is a three piece psychedelic stoner rock band based in Jesi, Italy. They started play in spring of 2010 and released to this date one Ep "Schizoid" and one full length album called "(E)motionless" in 2013. Guys from Palmer Generator play totally fusion of spaced out music which contains elements of stoner, post rock and of course a tons of psychedelic rock. Totally twisted, cosmic and unreal sound based on improvisation and rooted into the climate of psychedelic masters of kraut and space rock from the decades of the sixties and seventies. Long compositions are growing slow drifting in the ocean of various sounds creates interesting trip to the unknown lands, only sometimes fall into the heavy moments and back again to the world of cosmic psychedelia. (E)motionless is really creative production with lot of interesting arrangements and solutions with the big catch of hippie hand. If you like long music flights and sound of  psychedelia and also space and kraut rock vibe then you must listen to music of Palmer Generator. 

Ps: Thanks to Tommaso for send me this interesting stuff !!!

By Lunatikk666

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