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Pilgrimage is a four piece independent band started in 2012, based in Florida town named Lakeland. They are new in blood in music industry, so they made only one Ep to this date in march 2013. Guys from Pilgrimage play math and post rock with some post hard core and progressive influences. Music has many contrasts and interesting arrangement solutions not closing in one type of genre. Musicians blend warm, sensitive and enjoyable moments with some aggressive sonic attacks of instruments and screaming vocals. Everything is totally emotional, energetic and intelligently designed, band has a lot imagination to create very unconventional type of art. Guitarists perfectly juggles of different types of sounds, which together with funky, open-eyed sections and emotional screams creates one big crazy sonic bomb with lot of good fun. I hear that Pilgrimage must have plenty of various inspirations because i hear in their music many of great bands like: Fugazi, Slint, God Is An Astronaut, Tortoise and many more... If you like those crews then Pilgrimage will be your probably another favorite one in math rock and post hard core genre !!! Awesome music, my recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to Matt from Pilgrimage !!!

By Lunatikk666 

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