czwartek, 12 grudnia 2013

BAD TRIP - Bad Trip

Bad Trip is four piece band from Thessalonici, Greece. The formed in 2004 and release to this date two demos and one album called the same as the band name in 2013. They play instrumental music which contains elements of post hard core, noise rock and post rock as well. Basically we are dealing with three long, trippy composition, one of them is longer than fifteen minutes. Built on improvisation, band takes us into the world of sound when everything is unsaid, not based on standard construction of typical song. Dirty and harsh guitars and twisted rhythm section slightly moves from noise and post hard core moments to very warm, climatic and psychedelic forms of post rock. I`m really surprised how musicians from Bad Trip clearly going between influences, creates very interesting and original sound, we can also hear in their style a bit of funk and even dub music types of inspirations. Everything is very smooth and well composed, heavy moments are very noisy and energize while lighter fragments are really relaxing and pleasant. I think all fans of blending different music styles will be happy of sound what these band create. Cracking and very talented guys. My recommendation !!!  

Ps: Many thanks to guitarist Georgie Boy for send me music of Bad Trip !!!

By Lunatikk666

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środa, 4 grudnia 2013

SEESAW- Cadere

Seesaw is a four piece band based in Milan, Italy. They formed in 2010 and released to this date two long play albums,  first one "Things Are Bad" was published in 2011 and the new one "Cadere" saw the light of day in April of current year. Seesaw play blend of hard core and punk with some noise rock influences. They draw energy from punk rock style, throwing in a lot of chaotic hard core riffs and screaming vocals to create very energetic kind of stuff. There is a few of noise rock and math core elements inside, especially in sound, guitar riffs and in method of constructing songs. Raw, distorted patents are mixed by some quiet melodic moments and then attack us again by loud sonic force. Everything is curiously twisted, few great riffs, melodic accents, some piano part and furious rhythm section creates catchy and crazy sort of music. I don`t listen to much of this type of sound, but I think that fans of chaotic hard core punk will not be disappointed, because this songs are really interesting and addicting.   

Ps: Many thanks to Seesaw band for sending this music to me !!!

By Lunatikk666

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