wtorek, 21 stycznia 2014


Missiles Of October is a Belgium three piece noise rock band. "Hangover" is their first release, but this guys are very well experienced on underground music field. They play in bands like: Rotyes, Walpurgis and many many more. Belgians play dirty, down tuned and garage type of rock stuff. Muddy and crushing rhythm section, distorted, grating guitar work and screaming vocals show the interest of what this crew wants to play and they are really great in making sick and filthy noise rock. I think  people who like that music style and groups like: Unsane, Jesus Lizard and Shellac will find something for themselves. Over fifteen minutes of  interesting heavy, loud and raw noise rock playing !!!

Ps: Thanks to Lionel Beyet for send me this music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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