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DoctoR DooM is a four piece rock band based in Ariege, France. They start to play their music in 2011 and release to this day one Ep called "Doomo". Guys from DoctoR DooM plays catchy, positive and energetic type of rock music. They are inspired by classic bands from 60`s an 70`s such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Kadavar and many more also they taking influences from blues music as well. Music is totally screwing by his rock and roll atmosphere, so you can really feels like time going back straight to the past decades of rock music when bands did not care about money and popularity, playing this unique sound for fun and creation. Production of this Ep is very well recorded, they sounds like some old school rock band, but we can fell a lot of contemporary vibes of stoner music as well. Three songs recorded with big touch of imagination, sense and creativity. If you like classic rock sound with bluesy touch, cold beer and smell of motorbike engine on the morning, so is just a sound for your mind. My recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to Jean-Laurent for send me his band music !!!

By Lunatikk666 

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