piątek, 2 maja 2014

LIZARD QUEEN - Lizard Queen

Lizard Queen is a fresh blood of stoner music from Gorizia in Italy formed in year 2013. They released their first full length album in June of that year. Band play classic stoner rock inspired by the sound from the seventies and  by some actual trends in this kind of music stuff. They incorporate to their style besides stoner rock inspirations various influences like metal, psychedelia and blues rock elements. Fuzzy, liquid, looped riffs are mixed with groovy rhythm section and melodic vocals with cosmic and narcotic touch. Music flows very slightly, slowly taking us deeply into another dimension full of warm colors and magical space without any barriers. Production is very interesting, between dirty heaviness and psychedelic spatial lightness. Everything is done with lots of imagination and sense perfectly surrounds us with their pleasant and lazy atmosphere. If you like bands like: Fu Manchu, Vista Chino or any related bands from this genre then you will not be disappointed. Roll up your joint, put Lizard Queen on your headphones and just fly away with their sound. My recommendation !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Zoe for send me Lizard Queen music files !!!

By Lunatikk666 

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