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SYNSOPHONY - Karma Existence EP

Synsophony is a two piece experimental band from United Kingdom formed in early 2013. They let out to this date two Ep releases. "Karma Existence" is their first Ep from August last year and second one "Rabbit Hole" was unleashed on January 2014. "Karma Existence" is a very interesting album, music based on dark and disturbing atmosphere, musicians taking inspirations from dark ambient, drone, industrial and generally from underground electronic stuff. One long composition contains a lot of various sounds from massive and cacophonous beats, between psychedelic and flowing parts to silent and sensitive but very gloomy moments. Synsophony creates thick, heavy, dismal and overwhelming art on really good level, so I think all fans of experimental and independent electronic will be like this music. 

Ps: Many thanks to Synsophony band for send me their music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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