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TYRANNY IS TYRANNY - Let It Come From Whom It May (2013)

Tyranny Is Tyranny is a four piece band from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. They play noise rock type of sound incorporate to their style many influences like: post hardcore, post rock, psychedelia and even ambient elements, creates very interesting and addictive music mixture. Based on noise rock which is inspired by bands from Amphetamine Reptile Records, musicians with big courage and sense travel to emotional portals juggling styles and songs constructions, taking listener to their own world where sound is the plastic form to create music without barriers. Raw and dirty sound of this album, noise rock roughness, post rock and psychedelic influences with screaming and melodic vocals together with imagination and musical talent of this guys, shows us very original and even unique phenomenon on the world map of rock music. Fantastic band, awesome album !!! My absolute recommendation !!!

Ps: Thanks to guitarist and singer -Russell Emerson Hall for send me music of his band !!!

By Lunatikk666

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful review. Much appreciated.

    Tyranny Is Tyranny