wtorek, 2 grudnia 2014


Hesperian Death Horse is a four piece band from Zagreb, Croatia. They start making noise in year 2011 with their first full length album called "Mrtav" released in 2013. Croatians located their music somewhere between sludge and post metal with a lot of ambient and experimental elements. Firstly I need to tell to all my blog readers - this band fucking rules !!!. They are completely awesome and original, despite the strong influences of bands like: Cult Of Luna, Isis and other musicians in this type of genre. Music on this album is very atmospheric, hypnotizing, gloomy and nihilistic. Real dark art of our crazy world and horrible times. Heavy, flowing riffs based on sludge, black and post metal with massive rhythm section, screaming, emotional vocals, creates fantastic sound journey about conduction of our planet and human being. Pain, suffering, despair, sickness, depression and paranoia. Really overwhelming sound, but from the second side totally beautiful as well. Sadness and beauty are very similar emotions. Awesome band, awesome music from beginning to the end, from birth to the grave and to the infinity of our souls. My absolute recommendation !!! 

Ps: Thanks to Domagoy Zunic from Hesperian Death Horse !!!

By Lunatikk666

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