czwartek, 29 stycznia 2015

BACCHUS - Bacchus (2011)

Bacchus is  four piece band formed in 2007 from Galway, Ireland. They released to this date one split , one Ep with 3 tracks and one full length album in 2011.  Music which performs this band is blend of Scandinavian crust with hard core and some post metal and sludge influences. Fast and furious moments are mixed up with middle and slow parts which contains lots of space and heavy, crushing monumental rolling. Dirty and massive wall of sound and aggressive, screaming vocals creates very dark, depressive and apocalyptic climate. Raw and fucking dirty experimental HC/crust punk for fans of Skitsystem, Martyrdod, His Hero Is Gone as well as Cult Of Luna and Neurosis at the same time. Really interesting and creative sort of heavy music !!!

By Lunatikk666

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