środa, 11 lutego 2015

TARSIUS TARSIER - Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos (2014)

Tarsius Tarsier is a four piece band from capitol of Spain, Madrid. They start their music journey by playing (and still are playing) in a few Spanish bands. Two years ago Tarsius Tarsier was born with their crazy sound which contains influences from hard core, crust and black metal as well. Music on their first release is very heavy, aggressive, fast and loud hurricane of sound. Darkness of black metal is mixed with fury and rapidity of crust punk and hard core creating very intensive, wild and uncompromising wall of sound madness. Modern stuff for all fans of blending heavy genres and bands like: Converge, Young And In The Way, The Secret and any related blackened crusty hard core sort of insane music. Awesome !!!

Ps: Many thanks to Javier Barquilla Borreguero !!!

By Lunatikk666

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