piątek, 5 czerwca 2015

PARUSIA - Y Su Noche No Tendra Fin (2014)

Parusia is a four piece band from Jerez De La Frontera, Spain. They released their first called: "Y Su Noche No Tendra Fin"album in 2014, which is a concept album anyway. This is the one of those modern bands who creates his music mixing the different styles without any barriers. They describe their music as a neo crust, but I think that Parusia is more interesting than a typical band in this genre. Rawness of crust punk is blended with atmospheric post metal and black metal parts in a very good way. They also incorporate to their music some post rock and ambient moments, so music taste more experimental and original at the same time, going from heavy and brutal attacks to calm and psychedelic soundscapes. There is a place for tribal and flamenco influences as well, which give more unusual nature to this music. Long, epic songs balancing between heavy darkness and airy brightness, life and death, chaos and equilibrium,,, Great technique, imagination and passion... Awesome stuff !!! My personal recommendation !!!

Ps: Greetings to Fran and whole band Parisua, Thanks for e-mail !!!

By Lunatikk666

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