środa, 12 sierpnia 2015

THOSE DAMN BLOODSUCKERS - Songs For The Dead (2015)

Those Damn Bloodsuckers is a one man project of some mysterious dude from Pennsylvania, USA. It is a very underground and independent creation. Camillo Marziani released lot of music to this date. New album called "Songs For The Dead" contains seven songs maintained in experimental electronic style. Music is dark, overwhelming and psychotic also very spatial, harsh and even relaxed and warm. Drone, ambient, noise, industrial and all related underground electronic genres in one piece of music. Camillo Mariziani is inspired by artist such as: Nurse With Wound, Aphex Twin, Sunn O))), Mogwai and by few more similar experimental bands, so if you like that kind of sound creation just try Those Damn Bloodsuckers. This is very tasty and interesting type of experimental art !!!

Ps: Thanks to Camillo for your music files !!!

By Lunatikk666

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