piątek, 15 kwietnia 2016

HOLLOWS - Hildenbrandia EP (2015)

Hollows is a two piece band from Oxfrod, England which play experimental electronic music. First Ep was released at April 2015 and second one called Hildenbrandia had premiere couple months later at November of the same year and is a last release to this date by Hollows. Musically band moves on electronic surfaces which includes influences like: noise, drone and ambient  to create their own vision of sound. Beautiful bright soundscapes are mixed with some dark, rasping noise pushing my mind into floating space, far away from the planet  into the world without any barriers .Hildenbrandia is very sophisticated, relaxing and imaginative music. I think all fans of experimental electronic sound should be interested of this release. This stuff sounds like beauty of awakening day and also like a magic of ending the day before the upcoming night. Check this out !!! Good job by Hollows !!! 

Ps: Thanks to band for sent me their files !!!

By Lunatikk666

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środa, 6 stycznia 2016

HOUSE OF WOLVES - House Of Wolves EP (2015)

House Of Wolves is a four piece metal band from California, USA. They formed in 2014 and release to this date one Ep in November of 2015. Musically they mixing metal and hard core elements in one piece of solid record. Heavy, aggressive, intense, energetic and furious metal stuff. Music is really heavy and melodic at the same time with great work of all instruments, two vocals and proper production. This young guys know how to play good metal.For all fans of: All Shall Perish, The Black Dahlia Murder and related bands. Enjoy !!!

Ps: Greetings to Jesus Sahagun from House Of Wolves !!!

By Lunatikk666

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